Tuesday, September 23, 2008

White Sox Fans Plan Hijack Of Cubby Bear

I've been asked to get the word out about a planned hijacking of the Cubby Bear. Rather than comment on everything, I'll post the info directly from the site organizer.

CubsSuck.com says it best – “Wrigley Field is full of tourists and people who come to be seen, get a tan, stare at chicks and ivy, and above all: get drunk.”

Despite clearly being a better team in a tougher division with the best fans the league has to offer, the White Sox are largely ignored by the Chicago establishment. Let’s show the Cubs fans who’s boss by taking over the
Cubby Bear for the first game of the playoffs.

If we can get at least 400 people to show up early on game day and claim a spot, Cubs fans will make up less than half of the patrons of their flagship location.

This thing isn’t on unless we get 400 people, so please tell everyone you know to join. If we hit 400, we’ll notify you and you are expected to be there on Wednesday to stand with your fellow Sox fans.

See you there.

White Sox fans will take over the Cubby Bear for the first Cubs playoff game

Show up to the Cubby Bear on Oct 1st between 2pm and 3pm and stay through the game
But we will only do it if at least 401 people join by October 1, 2008

If you are interested, go to their website and sign up.

With the Cubs already in the playoffs and the White Sox on the verge of joining them, it looks like it's going to be a very interesting postseason! I don't know if Chicago will survive if they meet each other in the World Series!


night owl said...

If White Sox and Cubs meet, I will be rooting for the White Sox. And for the exact reasons that are quoted from CubsSuck. And I don't even live anywhere near Chicago.

Hayden Jackson said...

And what does this accomplish? That we are just as obnoxious? Isn't one protest enough?

Before your post, I wasn't aware of the Cubs Suck website. After looking around, I found it rather childish without much wit. I much prefer funnier observations.

Hey, I'm a Sox fan but if we don't advance to the World Series and the Cubs do, I'm rooting for Chicago.

Count me out.

Johngy said...

Some fans seem like they would rather see the other Chicago team lose, than to see their Chicago team win. I think that select handful makes the rest of either set of fans look bad. Hey, I am all for a great rivalry, but my team is really the only one which really matters to me.

White Sox Cards said...

Agreed, but the info is there for anyone who wants it. I really don't have much hate for the Cubs, but I know a lot of Sox fans who find that sort of thing therapeutic.

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