Monday, September 22, 2008

Stick A Fork In Crede

His White Sox career is done.

While nothing is absolutely set in stone, the second opinion on Crede was not good. Nobody is saying exactly what it said, but Ozzie said that Crede may be on a team next year... sitting things out.

Does this mean that Joe Crede's collecting stock will plummet? I hope not, but the outlook does not look promising. On the bright side, this may mean that I can now get Joe Crede rookies very cheaply. Anytime I can bolster my White Sox collection, on the cheap, is a great day for me.

It's too bad about Joe. I like Joe. He was part of a great number of Sox related memories for me. I blame his scum sucking agent, Scott Boras for the hushed tones from Crede's camp. Sure, Boras usually gets top dollar for less than spectacular talent. While doing so, he also bleeds his clients dry. Boras puts his clients in unnecessary situations and holds teams hostage. Short term, this may seem like a good idea. Long term, it's damaging to the reputation of anyone associated with him.

So long, Joe. It's been a slice having you on the South Side.

In the wake of Crede's news, the Sox have been slowly mounting a playoff run. Game by game, they seem to be inching their way into the postseason. The biggest test will be on Tuesday. The Sox face the Twins in a three game showdown that could decide the season, in Minnesota.

The Sox need to win at least one. If they can manage to sweep the Twins, which is no easy task, they will glide into October on a high. If the Sox get swept, you can see October hopes floating away. Anything can happen in the last week of the season. Sox and Twins fans are both bracing themselves for a great series.

You may have noticed the lack of posting over the weekend. Well, I took most of the weekend and spent it trying to track down Tracey's cousin in Resurrection Cemetery. Yes, the same one which supposedly is home to Resurrection Mary. I had the section number, the block number, the lot number and the grave number and we still couldn't find her cousin. Yet, we went to the cemetery next door and relying on 15 year old fuzzy memories, found her grandparents with no problem. Go figure.

The rest of the weekend was spent on Facebook, thanks to J.V.'s invitation. As some of you have discovered, I have contacted you as a friend, if I was sure of your identity. I'm shocked at how many people have the same names, even if isn't a terribly common name. I even found someone else with my name. If you seek me out on Facebook, I'm the one not pictured with a family for the profile picture. I won't be giving out that info on this site, but if we've become friendly enough to send non-trading related e-mails (and enough to know my last name) then look me up and I'll add you as a friend.

This may seem like a potpourri of information for a post that started about Joe Crede, but it always goes to show you. It's always something. If it's not one thing it's another. Goodnight Roseanne Rosannadanna.


Slette said...

I'm headed to the Twins/Sox game tomorrow night to celebrate my interviewing for a promotion with my girlfriend. The Twins are most definitely my #2 team, but I still might just wear Yankees stuff to anger the crowd. It's a sick hobby.

night owl said...

I always liked Crede, too. Dodgers are probably in the market for a third baseman this offseason. I wouldn't mind seeing him in Dodger blue, although another Boras client may scare L.A. away.

White Sox Cards said...

When he's healthy, Crede is awesome. I hope he lands on his feet somewhere. If only he'd switch agents, he'd be in a better position.

Joe74mj said...

So, who's gonna be the man in Chi-Town? It looks like Fields is not gonna pan out. He's hitting .156 with 0 homers. I here ya with Boras though, he got the BoSox to donate 14 million a year to that steaming pile of dung, JD Drew!

White Sox Cards said...

Internally, it looks like Juan Uribe. They might shift Beckham over to third and groom him for the future.

If they go through free agency, look for a strong push towards Chone Figgins. He would solve the leadoff issue as well.

Although, Josh Fields may rebound next year.

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