Wednesday, September 24, 2008

White Sox Photoshop Cards: Esteban Loaiza

Card #32 - Esteban Loaiza

Can a team bring a name from the past and plug him into the lineup for a spark? Sometimes yes, but mostly no. It usually doesn't bode well trying to recapture magic from an aging pitcher. It didn't help much here either.

The White Sox tried to bring a starting pitcher, in Loaiza, and plug him into the long relief role in the bullpen. While the experiment wasn't a complete failure, Esteban ended up going on the DL and effectively ended his second stint with the Sox. He didn't pitch badly, but he didn't pitch well either.

Why did I choose this photo? Frankly, because I couldn't find any others of Esteban in a White Sox uniform. At least none that were from 2008. You'd think that if a player is coming back to a team he was successful with and he made three appearances that there would be one photo of him. Sadly, no.

I tried to find a photo that didn't show his number, but I couldn't find a good enough image to use. Esteban wore the number 21 during his first tour with the White Sox. In his brief cameo in 2008, he wore number 48.

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