Friday, September 12, 2008

Card Spotlight 9-12-08

1998 Fleer Legends Of The Game #1 - Luis Aparicio

I love everything about this card! The angle of the slide. The foot in your face. The "I'm safe" pose. It's just a unique angle that you don't normally see on a baseball card.

I know it kind of a cliche, but I feel like I'm part of the action. This is just one great photo on a nicely designed card. I wasn't around for Luis Aparicio's playing days. The closest I came would be the end of his career, but I missed that by a few years. This makes me feel like I saw him play.

Growing up, I would hear these fantastic stories about Aparicio. On cards, I would see him in some sort of pose. I never got to appreciate one of the best aspects of his game, stolen bases.

Aparicio led the American League in stolen bases for nine consecutive seasons. From 1956 until 1964, no one was better in the AL. Talk about dominating an aspect of the game! This card makes me appreciate what is rarely shown from Luis, the art of the stolen base.

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