Thursday, September 11, 2008

White Sox Photoshop Cards: Jerry Owens

Card #28 - Jerry Owens

Jerry has had some bad breaks in 2008. He was supposed to be the starting left fielder, until he was injured during Spring Training. Then his replacement, Carlos Quentin, produced monster numbers. So, with no room in the majors, Jerry was forced to play out 2008 in the minors.

Owens was called up in September when the rosters expanded. He has been in a few games and has responded well. His biggest contribution in 2008 is a perfectly executed suicide squeeze in a game against the Blue Jays on September 10th. Jerry is a player who does the little things and does them right.

I love this photo of Jerry Owens. I saw this in the game yesterday and knew I had to seek it out. I'm just lucky that someone was there to capture it. At this point of the at-bat, Jerry is down on one knee with the ball still a good ten feet away. This is exactly the style of play that is sorely missing from the 2008 team. Plus, Jerry almost beat it out. This is the type of play that can spark an offense.

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