Monday, November 17, 2008

Behind The Scenes Day(s)

Today is the day I finally did it. I started at my pile of cards on the desk. I only need to catalogue them in the database and then put them away! Why have they been sitting there? Partially because of illness and partially because of laziness, but mostly because I was too busy.

I'm forced to spend time doing that today. Tomorrow, I will be putting together my new computer. I will not be forced to wait at sites freeze my computer for five minutes. I can multi-task again. Life will be grand!

When I need a break from all of that, I pour through my boxes looking for Scott Radinsky cards for an upcoming possible trade. Plus, I will be getting boxes together for the couple of people who are expecting boxes from me. So, unless I'm really fed up, there will probably be no more posts for today. This is it folks. If all goes well tomorrow, I'll be up and running at full capacity by dinner time. If all doesn't go well... Wednesday... hopefully. Anyway, keep checking back. You never know when I'll need a break.

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