Saturday, November 8, 2008

Chance Encounters Of The Brewer Kind

We had been planning this outing for what seemed like years. It's one of those things that you say that you'll always do, then put it off every time. This Saturday was different. There was no Six Flags Great America traffic. It was cold and misty. A perfect time for a trip to the indoor consumerism capital of Northern Illinois, Gurnee Mills.

My feet literally ache from walking all over the gigantic beacon of shopping. As we made our final round, I see a sign advertising Robin Yount appearing on November 8th. My first instinct was to say to myself, "We never arrive anywhere on the day these things happen".

I looked at my phone and sure enough, it was November 8th. We got over to where Robin was appearing, just in time to see the ending of the signing. If I would've known about it before going, I would have prepared myself. I had nothing in hand to sign and the line was still enormous.

If my feet weren't aching and the mall wasn't hotter than Christopher Walken liked his Dr. Pepper in Blast From The Past, then I probably would've went in line. I was tired from my long morning of consumerism. Can it still be called consumerism if nothing was purchased?

Still, I'm happy I got a glimpse of Robin Yount. He looked as I remembered him from his playing days. Tracey even said that he looked pretty hot. I'll take her word for it. The only thought I had in my mind was if Thorzul made the pilgrimage into Illinois to see Robin Yount. I said the name loud enough, but no one stopped and looked around.

When we got back home, there were multiple packages waiting for me. I will open those up tonight and get to work sorting them and writing them up. As for right now, I think I'll rest my feet and enjoy the relaxation.


dayf said...

I've been to Gurnee Mills! I bought a Bob Dylan CD there about 10 years ago on a business trip. I've walked in on signings a couple of times. One time was Tom Seaver at a Field of Dreams ($100 for a sig, no thanks). The other time was the kid who wrote Eragon. He was signing books in front of a Walden Books. I was at the mall running some kind of errand during my lunch hour and I passed by his table twice and didn't stop because I was too busy. This was before the book blew up and became a best seller and he looked pretty lonely with no one stopping. I'm still kicking myself over not getting a book signed, that's the kind of book I was reading at the time anyway. Dumbass here just had to get back to work though...

Johngy said...

I knew about Yount, but just couldn't pull the trigger on $100+ for him.

Steve Gierman said...

$100+ for Yount? I loved watching him play, but no thanks.

There was no indication that there was any charge from any of the signs that I saw yesterday. That kinda sucks. I'm surprised that many people were willing to shell out that kind of money for one player.

dayf, that really is a lost opportunity. I've had plenty myself, so don't feel that bad.

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