Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Mailbox Joys: Super Seaver

2002 SP Legendary Cuts Game Jersey #J-TSe - Tom Seaver

I'm old enough to remember going to Comiskey Park and watching Tom Seaver pitch. I'm old enough to realize what a huge deal his 300th win was, when it actually happened. Anything before Tom's jump to the South Side would be a manufactured memory.

Sure, it helps that the 1969 World Series happened seven years before I was born. Those Miracle Mets captured New York's attention away from the Mets for a little while. I don't remember Tom on the Cincinnati Reds either. Most of that was before I started watching National League games on any sort of regular basis. I probably remember him as a Red the least of all his teams. Yes, even his short stint with the Red Sox is remembered by me more often than his days in the Queen City.

Still, I remember him best as a member of the White Sox. I had no idea that there were White Sox relics of Tom Terrific out there. I ran across this on eBay and had some PayPal funds to spare, so I bid. This little beauty cost me under $2.00.

It sounds like a Bad Wax find! There's something about this that makes me smile. This seems to be the card that almost no one wanted. Who pays under two dollars for a Hall of Fame pitcher? It's becoming more common than you think. I don't know why, but Tom Seaver sometimes gets lost in the shuffle of great pitchers. I'm not complaining. That lost sentiment got me my first Seaver relic.

The back of the card reassures me that I made the right decision.

"You have received a Tom Seaver Game-Used Jersey trading card from The Upper Deck Company, LLC. On the front of this card is an authentic piece of a jersey worn by Tom Seaver in an official White Sox(R) Major League Baseball(R) game. We hope you enjoy this piece of MLB(TM) history as we at The Upper Deck Company continue to keep you as close as you can get!"

This piece of road uniform is from one of his road starts with the White Sox! I know that sometimes the team doesn't match the swatch. This is wonderful news! I would hope that I run into these acurate portrayals of swatches more often.

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