Monday, November 24, 2008

Trading With Project '62

When Chris from Project '62 called for Scott Radinsky cards, I heeded the call with 16 different cards. 15 of those cards, he still needed. I sent those Radinsky cards and was expecting a handful of cards back.
Since we both live in Illinois, the trade was completed very quickly. We actually got our packages on the same day, which is rare. Usually someone's post office is lagging behind a little.

With lightning quick service, we both get to enjoy the fruits of our labors somewhat faster. I believe the actual hashing out process took longer than the actual delivery. That's not that unusual, but this still takes the cake.

What did I get for 15 Scott Radinsky cards?

1985 Topps
1 - Carlton Fisk RB
221 - Ron Reed
338 - Britt Burns
351 - Juan Agosto
364 - Richard Dotson
413 - Vance Law
437 - Al Jones

1986 Sportflics
7 - Harold Baines

1991 Cracker Jack
36 - Alex Fernandez (plus three others in an uncut sheet the size of a standard card)

1992 Stadium Club
52 - Jack McDowell

2008 Baseball Heroes Black
32 - Carlton Fisk

2008 SP Authentic
61 - Nick (Yankee-bound) Swisher
73 - Jim Thome

2008 Topps Series 2 Relics
HR-JT - Jim ThomeChris was worried about this trade being lopsided. I think it just tipped in the other direction. The parts of these Sox cards seem to be greater than the Radinsky cards that were sent across Illinois.

Thank you, Chris! This was an awesome trade! I hope we can trade again in the near future.

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