Sunday, November 16, 2008

Unexpected Gifting

Dave, over at Fielder's Choice, is a class act. Both of our teams made it into the playoffs. During the first round, our teams faced each other. So, we did what came naturally. We made a friendly wager.

Unfortunately, for me, the White Sox lost that epic matchup. Fortunately, for Dave, the Rays won. I swallowed my pride and sent along a care package to the victor.

Apparently, Dave was so impressed by my prize package that he thought it best to put together a consolidation prize. Maybe he felt sorry that the White Sox didn't advance or remorseful that the Rays didn't win it all or maybe he was in a generous mood since the Rays went all the way to the World Series for the first time in franchise history. Whatever the case, I found an e-mail in my inbox that told me that if I receive a strange package from Ohio, that it would be an eBay purchase that was being sent to my address.

2008 Allen & Ginter Relics
AGR-AJP - A.J. Pierzynski
AGR-JT - Jim Thome
AGR-JTD - Jermaine Dye

Wow! What a haul! Thanks, Dave!

These were completely unexpected. These cards are so awesome! I am in shock of the generosity of Dave. If this was the consolation prize, I couldn't even imagine what would come my way if the White Sox would have advanced to the next round.

Thanks again, Dave! You are truly a class act.


Dinged Corners said...

A&G has the classiest relic cards on the planet.

Dave said...

You're welcome Steve! Here's hoping that our teams will meet again in the 2009 playoffs!

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