Saturday, November 15, 2008

Vintage Trade From Dinged Corners

Dinged Corners is one of the blogs that I will just randomly send cards to. Patricia and Lucy have a unique history of trading with me. They always send interesting things and I try to send interesting things back.

I sent a package to them on Halloween, when I sent a bunch of packages out. It was filled with all of my spare 1983 Topps, a couple of 1971 Topps and a few spare Mets cards. David Wright was hanging out soaking up the atmosphere. A good time was had by all.

It was hinted in an e-mail that something special would be headed my way soon. I had no idea how special though. Inside a small yellow bubble mailer awaited treasures that even I could not dream of.

There were only nine cards in the package, but that's enough for a baseball team, right? Right. When I saw the first vintage card, I knew I was in for quality over quantity. My instincts were dead on. There is much quality to be had in this package.

I had to move a few players out of position, but I'll give the reasons why. Let's see the new vintage card/current card lineup of your Chicago White Sox presented in association with Patricia and Lucy.

1967 Topps #422 - Hoyt Wilhelm
Can there be any doubt that this would be the pitcher I go with? I'm a sucker for the knuckleball, especially when used effectively. He could be an innings eater! Kudos! I need this card!

1959 Topps #114 - Earl Battey
A fine addition behind the plate! Earl went on to much greater success after he left the White Sox. A 1959 card that has been eluding me!

First Base
1996 Pacific Baerga Softball #4 - Frank Thomas
C'mon. Who didn't see the Big Hurt playing first base. Anyone? Anyone? This is the infamous card featured in this post by Dinged Corners. Frank Thomas playing softball in shorts!! I am left speechless. Another card I did not have.

Second Base
1976 Topps #533 - Lee Richard
He is listed as a shortstop on the card, but he played primarily second base in 1976 with the Cardinals. He did play a few games at second base for the White Sox before he took I55 south. Another card that is new to me!

2008 Topps Chrome #14 - Orlando Cabrera
Great player, even if he questions official scorers during games. I did have this card, but it's shiny. So shiny!

Third Base
2008 Baseball Heroes #45 - Nick Swisher
He's played the outfield. He's played first base. He's now a Yankee. If he can play first, he can play third. At least that's how the theory goes. I just picked this card up on Thursday when I took an unscheduled trip to Matt's Sports Cards. I heard the news on the radio as I was picking this out. How weird.

Left Field/Manager
1962 Topps #286 - Al Lopez
If Fisk can play left field, so can this former catcher. He took the Sox to the World Series in 1959, so he gets to manage too. If Kessinger can play and manage at the same time, so can Al! I also did not have this card.

Center Field
1959 Topps #368 - Don Mueller
The only true outfielder in the lot. Since he's a true outfielder, he can play center. It worked out OK for Griffey this year. Right? This was the first 1959 card I ever obtained. If the original should ever fail to perform his duties, this one will step right in.

Right Field
2008 Topps #486 - Javier Vazquez
Technically, he's a pitcher. I'll give you that. But he's a maddening pitcher who can't seem to perform in big games. So, I'm sticking him in the outfield to stretch his legs. Plus, he can act as an emergency pitcher, if Wilhelm should ever tire. Yes, I had this card.

Thank you for an enjoyable package! I was really blown away by the contents. Not only did I receive some vintage and some modern cards, it was wrapped in a handwritten note. How cool is that?

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night owl said...

Great, GREAT old cards. Nothing nicer.

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