Sunday, November 30, 2008

Free Cards Question #9

Congrats to Andy, who knew that Steve "Psycho" Lyons mooned the crowd at Tiger Stadium in 1990!

I'm ashamed that I actually watched that game on television when it happened. If anyone has a photo of that, please send it to me. If anyone has video... please put it on YouTube!!

We go from moonings to moonshots. Albert Belle has a history with the White Sox. When he was with the Indians, he was involved in Batgate. When he was a player with the Sox, he set the single season club record for home runs with 49.

Albert even made an All-Star appearance with the White Sox. It would be the last All-Star Game of his career, even though he did not play.

Question #9

What year did Albert Belle go to the All-Star Game as a White Sox player?

Good luck!


Paul Hadsall said...


Steve Gierman said...

Excellent work Paul! 1997 is the correct year!

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