Thursday, November 6, 2008

Poetry Slam Dunk

Perfect timing must be a strong point of dayf. Not even an hour passed after seeing this post, about my entry in his contest, did I receive my winnings in the mail.

How could I pass up a free "self made" mini card of a Bulls player? I can't. It involves too many things that I like. A free card. Chicago Bulls. Old school cards. Something that I don't already have. It's an entirely winning combination. Altogether.

You and I together: It's an entirely winning combination.

Yeah... that joke doesn't work as well in print.

When I opened the plain white envelope, I saw a hand written note. It informed me that dayf had gotten my package and that my mini card was safely tucked inside, along with a few extras.

The card wasn't entirely free though. Everyone who e-mailed dayf for a free card (of their choice) was told to wait for further instructions. This was a nerve inducing time. What would be required to obtain the free mini? Would we have to play Atari 2600 Video Pinball until the point counter rolled over? Would we have to write a thirteen page report on The Pirate Movie? There's only so much that I can write about Christopher Atkins and Kristy McNichol. Come to think of it, that last sentence was pretty much it.

None of those worries came to light though. It would be a poetry contest. The cards were ours. The only thing preventing them from being mailed was a poem. It could be any style. It could be the grandest thing on Earth or it could suck more than Vanilla Ice's hard rock career.

As soon as I got my assignment, I jotted down a poem. I had it back to dayf within an hour. Did I mention that I have taken many writing classes, including a few involving poetry? Probably not. I know I never mentioned the Women In Literature class that I took, so I'm pretty confident the poetry classes are a new revelation for readers of this blog too. I'm not ashamed. I loved the classes. It's just the first time that it has even been close to coming up.

If you missed the link, near the top, here's a link to my poem that got me the mini Bulls card.

But what about the other cards in the envelope?
Yeah, what about them?

Well, here they are!

Even more beautiful than the poetry assignment for a "mini" card.

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PunkRockPaint said...

I liked the poem... I LOVED the Pirate movie!!!

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