Tuesday, November 4, 2008

I Voted!

I voted today. While I got a sticker, it's certainly not as cool as this one. I voted for the candidates and options that I thought were the best available. While it's not perfect, it's better than some places.

I waited until the early afternoon. I knew it wouldn't be crowded. It was such a lovely day that I decided to walk to the polling place. When I arrived, I was the third person in line. I was taken care of in less than a minute.

I was given the option of voting by paper or by computer. I chose computer, since this is a new option for my polling place. I was not disappointed. It was quick and easy. I was able to verify by paper printout, that who I voted for was my choice and not a computer glitch. I must admit, that put my mind at ease, after the past few elections electronic mishaps.

The whole process took five minutes. Maybe less. While I was in the middle of my ballot, my dad walked in to vote. While he headed to the paper punch machines, he told me that I had better vote right. I told him that I was voting for what I thought was right. We chuckled. I finished. I walked home. I feel a sense of accomplishment. Now, I wait, as the rest of the country catches up with me.


night owl said...

HEY! I voted! Where is MY sticker???!! I got no stickers! But I did buy a couple of cookies from the nice ladies at the bake sale in the lobby.

Steve Gierman said...

Hey! Where's my nice ladies selling baked goods in the blocked off elementary school hallway where my polling place is located?

All I got was a lousy sticker!

One of my aunts, from Indiana, didn't get a sticker either. My dad gave her his sticker when she was over this afternoon.

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