Monday, November 10, 2008

"Play Ball"

Way back in April, I posted a cartoon page that I drew back in high school. The White Sox influence was upon me back then too. Go ahead, you can click to refresh your memory, I can wait.

Caught up? Good.

Anyway, I meant to post the conclusion sometime in May. With starting a new job with oddball, long hours, I never quite got around to it. Once I was laid off for restructuring in July, the baseball season was in full swing and the White Sox were in the thick of it. With the baseball season over and the free agency period in its infancy right now, it seemed like the perfect time to go back over the site and see what loose ends still needed to be tied up. Let's call it an anniversary cleansing.

When we left off, the Armaville Asymetrics just lost and the Metallion Black Sox just needed one more win to make the playoffs. Hmm, that sounds a bit familiar. Bjourni Rousikov was starting the big game and Harold was on the bench.

Bjourni took a no-hitter into the ninth inning. But going into the home half (bottom) of the ninth, there was still no score. Harold ended up pinch hitting for the leadoff hitter, Manny Mangato. Hawk Harrelson and Tom "Wimpy" Paciorek snuck into the comic and announced that Harold had just hit a home run to win the game to vault the Black Sox into the playoffs.

Harold and Bjourni were left off of the playoff roster and not re-signed. To move the story forward, I had a stray baseball hit Harold in the head. He faked amnesia for a panel or two. Harold still felt bummed about not playing anymore, until Bjourni reminded him of the royalties from the commercials that they did. Harold instantly perked up and that ended the page.

The next page Harold and Bjourni stumbled into some war games. That pretty much ended the baseball portion of that particular comic that I drew back then. There are elements of baseball that pop up from time to time in other comics that I drew, but I'll save those for another time.

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