Tuesday, November 4, 2008

White Sox Photoshop Cards: Jermaine Dye

Card #42 - Jermaine Dye

The resurgence of Jermaine Dye has been one of the reasons that the White Sox stayed in first place for so long in 2008. JD helped carry the team when Carlos Quentin and A.J. Pierzynski started to cool off and before the late season pushes of Jim Thome and Paul Konerko.

Dye stepped up his game in the field too. While other outfielders his age are starting to slow down, Jermaine is playing just below peak levels. He routinely runs, dives and plots out his routes to any ball that dares enter the space near right field.

I chose this photo because of the old school eighties uniform. This was a special day on many accounts, even though the White Sox ended up losing a see saw battle against the Royals.

This was the Sunday that Harold Baines received his statue. This was also the only 2008 game that I personally attended. During this game, Jermaine was hit by a pitch on the knee and had to be removed from the game. The injury looked serious enough to possibly end his season. As luck would have it, Jermaine was back in action in a matter of days. He was able to continue the season and help the White Sox to the American League Central crown.

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