Saturday, November 29, 2008

Free White Sox Cards!!

I am having a contest for free White Sox cards with cards generously donated by Mark from Stats On The Back.

You don't need to keep ducking Johnny the paperboy for two dollars. It costs you absolutely nothing!! Just a little smarts. OK, you don't even have to be that smart. You just need to be able to look stuff up on Google, or whatever search engine you use.

I received a good size box full of White Sox goodies on Friday. I sorted the box, took out my handling charge (cards that I didn't already have) and the rest go to you. I am left with eighteen different years represented. So, I will ask eighteen different questions centered around something White Sox. Be the first to guess the correct year in the comments section and you are the winner.

Everyone is open to try for every question. One person may get all eighteen questions, eighteen different people might win, or any combination in between. I want these cards to go to people who will really appreciate them. You could be a fan of the White Sox or just a collector of that year. Maybe you know a White Sox fan who would appreciate these cards for Christmas. As long as they are going to a good home, feel free to guess!

One rule. I do not want any of these cards back in a trade. This means that anyone who wins cards, cannot send any of these back to me for cards that they need. Pretty much anything else goes. Have fun. Some questions might be challenging, some may be easy. Give these cards to a good, loving home.

How many cards will you get? It depends on the year. Some years have only one card. Some have much more than that. I may get creative and throw in some bonus cards too.

Questions will be thrown out sporadically. There may be one in a day. There may be more.

Question #1
What year did Ken Harrelson's ill-fated tenure as GM take place?

Good luck!


Anonymous said...

That painful memory comes from 1986. Fisk in left field? UGH!

Steve Gierman said...

Congrats! You just snagged the year 1986! See, how easy that was?

All mailings will be done after all questions are answered, just in case you snag some other years. This way everything can be mailed at the same time.

Good luck on future questions!

Anonymous said...

Thanks,much appreciated!

Motherscratcher said...

I WANT MY $2!!!!

Ken mean the pot smoker from Cheers? He was a GM?

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