Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Poll Closed: Still The Same

The results are in! With a resounding lead, it seems that most readers are content in just letting me be me. I think the poll was an immediate success. 25 unique votes. 35 votes in total. Not too shabby. I see that a few of you took advantage of being able to vote for more than one thing. Good for you. Either that, or some people just can't decide.

I am surprised that 25 people took the time to vote. It could be a mixture of caring about this site and boredom, but you voted! That's what counts. You may see some of these features incorporated into the site at a later time. You may not. I guess it depends on what is appropriate for the time.

For posterity, here are the poll results.

Just keep on doing what I'm doing: 16 votes
Photographic proof that I've been a long time White Sox fan: 8 votes
Random Photoshopped White Sox images: 5 votes
A weekly poll question: 4 votes
A feature involving non-White Sox players: 2 votes

If you really want to see one of the non-winning features, please state your case in the comments section. You may sway me.

For all who participated, thank you. I appreciate the effort.

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