Friday, November 28, 2008

Card Spotlight: 11-28-08

2008 Topps Heritage High Numbers #598 - Brian Anderson

I finally got out and found a Heritage High Numbers blaster at Target. I really resent the two U+H cards that are stuck in the package. If they "had" to stick those in there to get around the limited number of sets, they could have at least limited it to one U+H card per pack.

I pulled a Brian Anderson in my first pack. Then I proceeded to go Soxless the other seven packs. I did manage to find a pack with only seven cards. That was also annoying. There was not a single chromed card to be found. That's fine with me. I wanted to jump start this set anyway and extra cards just gum up the works.

I did get three short prints, six black backs, one Then & Now, one Rookie Performers and one 2008 Flashbacks card. Not too bad. No chrome. No autos. No relics. I suppose I could have done worse. At least I didn't get any doubles, which is always a good thing. Topps didn't short me on the U+H cards. I got all sixteen of those. Ugh.

Is it my imagination or does Brian Anderson have elf ears on this card? The Heritage cards make some players look downright odd. In the regular edition, Jim Thome looked like a cross between Mr. Incredible (good) and Chunk from the Goonies (bad). At least I don't suffer from the brick wall curse that the Mariners seem to be ailing from.

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