Wednesday, November 5, 2008

The Nennth Degree: A Fistful Of Chrome

"Apologies for the lack of cards right now, but I will get more later. Hopefully these will hold you over until then. Enjoy!" - Bailey

I don't know what Bailey was talking about. These cards are awesome! These will definitely hold me over. Any White Sox card is appreciated by me. I certainly appreciate the ones that I don't already have slightly more, but I enjoy the sight of players from my team on any card.

After the box break of Donruss Threads a short while ago, I arranged to send any Giants cards that I received to Bailey. They arrived safely and I was happy that I could brighten up a dreary day with the gift of cards.

Bailey told me something was in the mail. Today the package arrived.

2007 Bowman Chrome
156 - Javier Vazquez
187 - Jim Thome

2007 Chrome Prospects
BC182 - Anthony Hatch
BC210 - Chris Carter (2)
BC219 - Archie Gilbert

Six cards in total, including five different cards. I'm not entirely sure, but I do believe that I may need the Chrome Prospects. I don't remember having these cards, but that's not that shocking. Bowman spread out these Chrome Prospect cards over so many releases last year that it became nearly impossible to keep track of them all. That's the only thing I would have changed about Bowman.

Thanks, Bailey! These cards are a welcome addition to my collection.


wedgehead said...

You're very welcome! I believe that double is one base and one refractor, but I'm not sure. Is he a good prospect?

Steve Gierman said...

Chris was an excellent prospect for the White Sox in 2007! He was traded to the Diamondbacks for Carlos Quentin. Arizona quickly traded him to Oakland for Dan Haren. So, Chris is an excellent prospect in the Athletics organization right now.

Both of Chris' cards were base cards. And both cards are awesome!

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