Sunday, November 30, 2008

Free Cards Question #10

Congrats to Paul for knowing that 1997 was the year that Albert Belle went to the All-Star Game as a member of the White Sox!

Let's stick with the All-Star theme here for the next question. Bobby Jenks has been to more than on All-Star Game in his short career. The 2005 World Series catapulted Bobby into stardom. He has pretty much kept close to that level since then. Bobby has been the most consistent reliever in the bullpen.

Question #10

What year saw Bobby Jenks as the lone All-Star representative for the White Sox?

Good luck!


The Gooch said...


Steve Gierman said...

Congrats, The Gooch! You are a winner!

The Gooch said...

I don't think he even played in any of his All Star games. That's gotta stink.

Steve Gierman said...

Bobby didn't appear in either All-Star Game that he was on the roster for.

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