Saturday, November 29, 2008

Free Cards Question #3

Congrats to Paul for the previous question's answer. You have successfully snagged 1999!

Can any other brainiacs answer the remaining questions, or should Bobble Mike and Paul (that sure sounds like an alternative band name to me) snag the other years between them? 16 more years are up for grabs by anyone who answers correctly!

That's a nice Jim Thome autographed card. Too bad I don't own it. Too bad I don't have it to give either. I went searching on Google Images and ran across it. Pretty snazzy, huh? Someday, one just like it will be mine. Just not now.

The third question has to do with Jim Thome.

Question #3

What year did Jim Thome have season totals reaching 107, 108 and 109?

Good luck!


Anonymous said...

That would be 2006. I had to cheat and look that one up on Baseball-Reference. ;-)

Steve Gierman said...

That's OK. Cheating is allowed. I don't care how you get the answer, only if it is the correct one.

Great job!

--David said...

Man, I got home too late to answer... I would love to have that Thome card myself.. :-)

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