Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Attention White Sox Card Collectors!

***11/12/08 - Slight revisions have been made to the rules and some clarifications have been included. Revisions are in italics.***

I am sorting through boxes from Rickey Henderson Collectibles and The Writer's Journey. Posts about those boxes will be up later in the week. This blog turned one on Sunday. Over the past year, I have received many trades and many gifts. I am grateful for every single one.

During that time, I have amassed an incredible amount of doubles. Some have come in trades. Some as gifts. Some are thinning out their collection. Some just want a place to dump their White Sox cards. All cards are welcome is my motto.

Since I have a decent amount of doubles, I have decided to give back to those who are in need of boosting their own White Sox collections. But there is a catch. Isn't there always?

I want to trade with White Sox collectors. I don't care how many cards you send me. For each White Sox card that hits a hole in my collection, I will give back two White Sox cards from my doubles stack. I have doubles that range from 1957 until present day. I don't mind giving up two of my doubles for one card that I need. Cards given in return will be completely random, but there shouldn't be any doubles in any package that I send out.

Here's the catch. For each card that I already have, you will receive nothing back. You can check out my want list for an idea of cards that I may need. I update the list as soon as I sort the cards I receive. Any years that aren't listed in the want list yet are up for grabs. How do you know what I have? You don't. That's the fun!

The other thing is... first come, first served. If a card on my want list is received one day and the next day your package arrives with the same card in it, sorry. That won't net you anything. A scenario like that will net one card instead. Any card I have will go into the double pile and be redistributed to other White Sox fans in trades.

Everyone who sends me something, even if it is all doubles, will receive at least one card back. That way, everyone gets something. So, make sure your address is legible enough for me to properly read.

What happens if I run out of cards? That's unlikely to happen, but anything is possible. The moment I run out of White Sox cards eligible to send, I will post a note saying that I am out of cards for the moment. Any packages that are in transit (must be postmarked by the date of the announcement) will be filled when I get more White Sox doubles. Any packages postmarked after that date will be kept and an undetermined token card will be sent in return. I don't foresee this happening, but I just want scenarios like this covered.

The reason I don't see that scenario happening is that everyone must e-mail me first for approval. If you are approved and I run out of cards before you send the package, then you dragged your feet too much.

If this works, then two goals will be accomplished. Holes in my collection will be filled and random White Sox cards will be given to loving new homes. If done properly, this could make a lot of White Sox fans very happy.


Slette said...

You may want to update your Wantlist to include jersey/auto cards. I remember when we first traded not being sure if you wanted the Rowand/Guillen jersey cards I sent.

Steve Gierman said...

Jersey/auto cards are so plentiful that they are harder to track down. Since that first trade, I've come to the conclusion that jersey/auto cards are fine to have doubles of. I will sometimes put up the more common ones in the wantlist, but I have given up on trying to track down most of them unless I have solid information and numbers.

If jersey/auto cards come my way I cheerfully accept them and put them away with the others, but I'm mostly looking for the non jersey/auto cards, unless they are part of the actual set.

csd said...

I don't have anything that you don't have. I guess you have been at this longer than me. I will keep my eye open for you though.

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