Sunday, November 16, 2008


78 Topps Cards Blog! 78 Topps Cards Blog! 78 Topps Cards Blog!

On Saturday, I received a mysterious package in the mail. I opened the mysterious package and discovered another envelope with cryptic writing on it.

It was from Andy at 78 Topps Cards Blog.

"That's strange", I thought to myself. I wondered what Andy from 78 Topps Cards Blog's motives could possibly be for sending me this mysterious package with cryptic writing. It seems to be sending a message of some sort, but I can't for the life of me figure out exactly what.

I decided to open the second envelope from 78 Topps Cards Blog and see what Andy from 78 Topps Cards Blog was up to.

I can't believe there were 2008 White Sox cards in this package from Andy at 78 Topps Cards Blog! I know I was born in Chicago, but who bribes with cards nowadays? It's gonna take cold hard Cash to get me to promote something on this blog.

OK, White Sox cards are a way to get my attention. Let's see what came in the bribe package on Saturday.

2008 Baseball Heroes
43 - Jermaine Dye
44 - Paul Konerko
45 - Nick Swisher

Almost a full team set! Thanks Andy from 78 Topps Cards Blog!

2008 Bowman Signs Of The Future
SOF-BO - Brian Omogrosso

This one slipped under my radar this year. Thanks Andy from 78 Topps Cards Blog!

2008 Goudey
39 - Luis Aparicio
40 - Mark Buehrle
41 - Orlando Cabrera
42 - Paul Konerko
43 - Jermaine Dye
44 - Jim Thome
45 - Nick Swisher

Yeah, it's official. Everyone pulls White Sox cards but me. Thanks Andy from 78 Topps Cards Blog!

2008 Yankee Stadium Legacy
647 - Bill Dickey (June 12, 1931 - Yankees 11 - White Sox 2)

Another White Sox YSL card to add to the collection. Thanks Andy from 78 Topps Cards Blog!

Those were great cards! I just hope I can think of a way to mention 78 Topps Cards Blog on this blog. Ah screw it! I've got White Sox cards from 78 Topps Cards blog!


night owl said...

What was the name of that blog again? I didn't catch that.

dayf said...

I like cold hard Cash too come to think of it.

I already pimped out the 78 Topps Blog last week, but 78 Topps Blog said 78 Topps Blog was sending me something anyway. I swear I will not mention 78 Topps Blog again until I receive the package from 78 Topps Blog though since you received something from 78 Topps Blog.

csd said...

Were you subliminally trying to get me to go to some site or something?

Andy said...

This post isn't going to help with Google thinking that this is a spam blog...heh.


dayf, you must really live in the boonies if you haven't gotten your package yet. I mailed yours the same day as Steve's. Of course, he lives in a real city in a real state.

Steve Gierman said...

At this point, I've almost given up on being released from the spam blog list. There's something weird about a company in which you can't get ahold of anybody and a parent company that denies any knowledge of the activities of a company they own.

I'd rather spend my time doing things I want rather than pandering to a company that doesn't care.

Unknown said...

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