Wednesday, August 27, 2008

#73 - Tony Phillips

There is only one player who has worn number 73 in a Major League game for the White Sox. That player would be Tony Phillips. On most cards, he is wearing number 8, but he did wear number 73 for at least one game.

Tony played with the White Sox in the 1996 season and the early part of 1997. While Tony did a decent job with the White Sox, his best days were behind him. He is mostly known for being on the Athletics and the Tigers. Both of those were before he landed on the White Sox.

Tony batted .277 with 161 hits for the 1996 season. But 132 strikeouts and only 63 RBI defined the season for him. He was still patient at the plate, drawing 125 walks.

1997 saw a .310 average during his time with the White Sox. Tony went back to where he was before signing with the White Sox as a free agent. The Sox traded him, along with Chad Kreuter, for Chuck McElroy and Jorge Fabregas.

This entry concludes the White Sox uniform series. Unless a September call up wears a uniform number that is not listed here, this should be it until a few revisions in 2009.

I hope that you have enjoyed this journey and have taken some knowledge and friendly debate away from these posts. If you have evidence of a number that I have missed in a Major League game for the Sox, please contact me with your evidence. Please, no Chris Getz e-mails. He wore number 76 in Spring Training, but his uniform number in any Major League game was 39. Spring Training numbers do not count in this list.

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