Monday, August 11, 2008

Smiley Smiles: A Dinged Corners Trade

Patricia & Lucy are awesome. Simply put, they find out what you like, send out a bunch of it and throw in a little personal touch. Simply awesome.

This package did not disappoint. I was greeted by two bundled plastic sandwich bags wrapped in blue tape. Classic Dinged Corners style. On top of those two bags, there was a card of Angelica from Rugrats pointing down at me.

"Listen up, babies!", the card read. As if two bags of White Sox related card treasures would not be enough to grab my attention. This begged to be noticed and respected. It definitely has both from me.

There was a massive amount of cards. Rather than list all of them, I'll list what cards I didn't have. The highlights of cards that I did have were many 2007 cards, a Ron Karkovice Topps rookie, Ken Griffey Jr., Sean Tracey, some 1989 Topps and a few 2008 cards, among others.

Here's what I didn't already have.

1986 Topps - Ozzie Guillen
1989 Sarasota White Sox Star - Kurt Brown (AWESOME!)
1989 Topps Rookies - Dave Gallagher
1991 Studio - Tim Rock Raines (in a perfect pose)
1992 Donruss - Ron Karkovice
1993 Flair - Lance Johnson
1994 Score Rookie Traded - Scott Sanderson
1994 Topps - James Baldwin, Rod Bolton
1995 Donruss - Joey Cora (my first '95 Donruss White Sox card)
1995 Donruss - Jose DeLeon (followed by my second)
1995 Donruss - Darrin Jackson (and third)
1996 Bowman - Bill Simas
1996 Upper Deck - Lyle Mouton
1998 Pacific Home Run Heroes - Albert Belle
2001 Upper Deck Gold Glove - Carlos Lee
2002 Studio - Magglio Ordonez
2003 Donruss - Mitch Wylie (I wonder if his nickname was coyote)
2003 Donruss - Paul Konerko
2003 Topps All-Star FanFest - Bartolo Colon (shiny and awesome!)
2003 Upper Deck - Esteban Loaiza
2003 Upper Deck First Pitch - Paul Konerko (why did first pitch morph into first edition?)
2004 Topps Opening Day - Frank Thomas
2004 Topps Opening Day - Carl Everett
2005 Fleer Platinum - Magglio Ordonez
2006 Fleer - Orlando Hernandez (pictured in a Sox uniform)
2006 Fleer Team Leaders - Paul Konerko, Mark Buehrle
2007 Bowman Heritage - Jermaine Dye (last card for the non SP team set!)
2007 Topps 52 - Ryan Sweeney (last card for the team set!)
2007 Topps Hit Parade - Jim Thome (the one I didn't have!)
2007 Goudey Green - Darin Erstad (last card I need for the base team set!)
2008 Bowman - Orlando Cabrera
2008 Bowman - Paul Konerko
2008 Bowman - Jermaine Dye
2008 Bowman Chrome Prospects - Francisco Hernandez
2008 Bowman Prospects - Francisco Hernandez
2008 Topps Opening Day - Jermaine Dye
2008 Topps Opening Day - Paul Konerko

I finished off a few sets with this bounty of cards. There are always some unexpected hidden treasures in packages from Dinged Corners. I absolutely love the Kurt Brown card! I still think the White Sox made the correct decision in picking Kurt before Barry Bonds.

Thank you, Patricia and Lucy! I always love the cards you pick out! There should be a package arriving at your house soon. The broader the spectrum of collecting, the faster I can usually ship things out.

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Dinged Corners said...

steve, we're glad that you received the cards ok & especially glad that you liked them. regards, p & l

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