Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Things I Never Knew About 1991 Donruss

You would think that being smack dab in the middle of my second wave of collecting in 1991, I would have instantly knew that this variation existed. Alas, this series color variation has escaped my watchful eye until last week. Sure, it's seventeen years too late, but at least I caught it.

If there needs to be any further proof that cards were waaaaaay overproduced in the early nineties, then this has to be it. With this color scheme, I think the blue has more pop, but green is my favorite color. If Donruss would have put just a little more effort in the second series variation, we could have seen a green border with a blue background.

Those days are long gone and can't be changed. It's fun to look back though and wonder what might have been.

I think that the blue background works well against the green border, but apparently Donruss didn't think so. Oh well, at least I can create computer simulated cards of the way cards could have been.

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