Tuesday, August 19, 2008

The Massive Box Part Two: Electric Boogaloo

I have whittled down 1972 through 1989, to what I actually needed. The results were a bit surprising on my part. There were cards that I could have sworn that I had, but after double checking, it turns out that I was mistaken. Then, of course, there were cards that I got excited about, only to find that they were already in my collection. Weird.

Two cards from the seventies popped out at me. I knew I didn't have either of them.

1972 Topps #240 - Rich Allen
1975 Topps #400 - Dick Allen

Two Dick Allen cards are always welcome! Especially ones that I don't have. The rest of the small bunch from the seventies, I already had, but that's not too surprising. I have the regular issue Topps team sets from 1977, 1978 and 1979. I am only lacking one or two multi-team rookie cards from those years. That was what the other seventies cards were in the box. If the cards were from 1976 Topps or earlier (with the exception of 1974), there's a good chance that I wouldn't have it. Still, I am grateful for any White Sox cards that are almost as old as I am, or older if they are before 1976.

Next came a bounty of eighties cards. While, I had a good chunk of them, I was a bit surprised at how much I didn't have. Like I've mentioned before, there are certain holes in my collection that may seem absolutely ridiculous, but I never found those cards in packs or through trading or whatever.

1981 Topps #522 - Mike Colbern
1982 Topps #521 - Billy Almon
1983 Topps #260 - Steve Kemp
1984 Fleer #60 - Jerry Hairston
1984 Fleer #67 - Rudy Law
1984 Topps #125 - Britt Burns
1984 Topps #153 - Dick Tidrow
1986 Topps #227 - Al Jones
1986 Topps #364 - Reid Nichols
1986 Topps #423 - Dan Spillner
1986 Topps #612 - Richard Dotson
1988 Score #307 - Bobby Thigpen
1988 Score #582 - Daryl Boston
1988 Topps #158 - Tim Hulett
1988 Topps #334 - Dave LaPoint
1988 Topps #634 - Jose DeLeon
1988 Topps Traded #124T - Robin Ventura
1989 Bowman #61 - Jack McDowell
1989 Donruss #219 - Steve Rosenberg
1989 Donruss #371 - Ivan Calderon
1989 Donruss #619 - Adam Peterson
1989 Fleer #492 - Daryl Boston
1989 Fleer #493 - Ivan Calderon
1989 Fleer #494 - Mike Diaz
1989 Fleer #496 - Dave Gallagher
1989 Fleer #499 - Lance Johnson
1989 Fleer #500 - Barry Jones
1989 Fleer #503 - Fred Manrique
1989 Fleer #505 - Donn Pall
1989 Fleer #506 - Kelly Paris
1989 Fleer #597 - Dan Pasqua
1989 Fleer #510 - Jerry Reuss
1989 Fleer #511 - Mark Salas
1989 Fleer #512 - Bobby Thigpen
1989 Score #37 - Greg Walker
1989 Score #67 - Ken Williams
1989 Score #177 - Gary Redus
1989 Score #289 - Jack McDowell
1989 Score #331 - Ivan Calderon
1989 Score #386 - Melido Perez
1989 Score #455 - Dave Gallagher
1989 Score #457 - Fred Manrique
1989 Star #61 - Scott Tedder

I know what you're thinking. What's with all those 1989 cards? Well, I had stopped collecting at that point. I didn't pick up a pack in 1988 or 1989. Plus, most cards before that I collected before 1990, would have to be thrown out. Only because I was a kid who loved his cards and looked through them everyday.

Thankfully, this completes my 1989 Fleer White Sox team set!

I only discovered pages and top loaders in my second wave of collecting, between 1990 and 1994. Any cards that were collected before 1990 might have been subject to rubber banding or shoebox storage. That's just the way most of us did that before hobby shops were in the picture.

One thing that I find hilarious is the 1989 Score Gary Redus card. It shows him in a White Sox uniform and lists him as being on the White Sox, but they acknowledge that he was traded to the Pirates last August in the text on the back. The card even had a Pirates tag in Beckett's online catalogue.

There were some nice second year Thigpen's that I didn't realize were lacking from my collection. Plus, many cards of the malaise that is Fred Manrique. Up tomorrow, part three, which focuses on the nineties.


capewood said...

I wonder how many Phillies-White Sox connections can be made? We've had a discussion before about John Kruk, a great favorite in Philly who ended his career with the Sox, Greg Lewzinski, a member of the Phillies 1980 World Series team who also finished his career in Chicago, and now Dick Allen (or Richie Allen as we knew him in Philadelphia).

Steve Gierman said...

Add Bobby Thigpen to that list.

Slette said...

And Jim Thome

Steve Gierman said...

Aaron Rowand as well.

capewood said...

Thome and Rowand, of course. Thigpen, I don't remember him with the Phillies at all. I looked it up. He was with the Phils briefly in 1993. He even pitched in the post season. I still don't remember him. Probably not enough time to get on a baseball card. I could look that up to but its time for dinner.

Steve Gierman said...

There are a few Phillies cards of Thiggy.

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