Thursday, August 21, 2008

The Massive Box Part Four: The Final Chapter

We have reached the last decade in the box, the current one. The parameters are simple, this section includes cards between 2000 and 2008. I wish they contained cards from 2009 and beyond, but I don't have a time machine.

This is the decade that begins my third and probably final wave into baseball card collecting. It started in 2004. I began picking up White Sox team sets on eBay. I wasn't exactly sure what some of these sets were, but I recognized a few names and couldn't find others that I was familiar with. I had no clue about short print cards, so I'm still discovering that a few of my team sets are not as complete as I thought they were.

In 2007, I picked up my first pack in over a decade. It was Topps Series 1. It was a name that was instantly recognizable. I had great memories of Topps as a kid. My first impressions of the 2007 set? I thought it looked a lot like the 1971 set, which wasn't bad at all. But I'm getting off track. Let's go card by card of what I needed from this decade.

2004 Ultra #22 - Roberto Alomar

I believe this is only my second White Sox 2004 Ultra card. It has a nice set design, but it reminds me of almost every other Ultra release since the late nineties. I can't go wrong with a card of Roberto Alomar that I don't have.

2005 Fleer Classic Clippings #67 - Scott Podsednik

An early Pods White Sox card that I didn't have. In fact, it's so early, that Podsednik is still pictured in a Milwaukee Brewers uniform. At least he is listed as being on the Sox, which is fine by my criteria. At first glance, I thought he was in a Sox uniform. Under closer inspection, it's hard not to notice the giant M on his helmet.

2008 Allen & Ginter #136 - Javier Vazquez

Sniff, sniff. Smell that? It's a fresh card! This was just released a few weeks ago and it's in this massive box of cards! I get a little closer to 2008 Allen & Ginter White Sox completion.

2008 Upper Deck #462 - Carlos Quentin

On the other hand, this card does complete my 2008 Upper Deck White Sox team set! Ah, the smell of victory! Another completed White Sox team set. Is there a better feeling? I don't think so.

That is the rest of the box featuring the cards that I needed. Pretty impressive, huh? I suppose I could have tacked this on to the nineties post, but that was a bit to large to tack these on. They would get lost in the sea of nineties cardboard vastness. This way, these cards still get their due.

Mind you, there were plenty of other cards in the box from this decade. I just had the rest. I wrote at the beginning of this quest that I would highlight only the cards that I needed. I'm not about to injure my wrist by listing all 750 cards. That would be insane!

And yes, I have updated my want list with the cards I received in this box. I'm still working on the years that aren't listed. It doesn't mean that I have everything, it just means that I haven't gotten to that year yet.

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