Thursday, August 14, 2008

White Sox Photoshop Cards: Javier Vazquez

Card #2 - Javier Vazquez

Many consider Mark Buehrle to be the ace of the staff, but Javier Vazquez is doing everything in his power to take that away. Javier quietly builds up great numbers, while others get more of the attention.

Javier has struggled at times in 2008, but can still pull a big game out when needed. In fact, Javier kept the Sox in the playoff hunt in 2007, when they should have been long out of it. Javier did get the first position nod over Buehrle because of his success over the past few years.

I've managed to capture Javier's extremely high leg kick. I'm guessing the bases were empty during this pitch. The crowd almost looks mosaic in the background.

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