Friday, August 1, 2008

Give Us A Reason

Houston Card Collector has written a letter that you should all see. It voices the same sentiments as we have been writing on our blogs lately about the product that's out of the average collector's price range and the plummeting value of these expensive products a few months after release.

You're thinking, "What's so different about that?"

This former collector says that he is actually going to send these letters to the card companies. I applaud the decision. It's hard enough to be a team collector or a player collector, without impossible odds and astronomical prices. Then there's the over saturation of other cards that we are conditioned to be rare, like relic cards.

When relic cards first came out, they were special. They were unique. They were rare. Now they are everywhere. They cost a lot to get and depreciate in value everyday.

Don't even get me started about parallels. Plus, a good point has been brought up. Where are the oddball sets? I haven't seen a good oddball set in a long time. The path chosen by card companies is a dangerous one and they are close to losing their base customers.

Houston Card Collector is short on a few contacts. If you have the info, please help Jason out. I'd love to see this plan of attack follow through. It's about time, don't you think?

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