Friday, August 29, 2008

Card Spotlight: 8-29-08

2008 Topps Heritage #134 - Donny Lucy

Why would I choose a card of essentially a minor league player. Well, I was getting antsy and bought a pack of 2008 Topps Heritage at Target yesterday. Inside the pack, I discovered this card. I already had the card, but that was earmarked for the 2008 Topps Heritage hand collated set that I am slowly putting together. This one would go to my White Sox team set. Yeah, I know, too complicated.

I currently have, in hand, 65.14% of the 502 cards that make up the base set. Yes, I am including the two variation cards in that total. Neither of which were in the hobby box that I purchased at the beginning of the year, nor in any pack that I have bought since.

20 additional cards from the set are in transit. Those cards will bring my completion of the set to 69.12%. This is the most excited I have gotten over completing a set... ever! I had complete sets of 1990 Fleer and 1990 Score at one point, but those showed up under the tree during Christmas 1990, along with a Led Zeppelin cassette box set.

The black back variations are a different story. I have completed 49.09% of the 110 card set. That's not too bad. That equals out to 54 different cards.

I never thought I'd have so much fun collecting this set. I got the idea on a whim, when I opened up my hobby box and saw that it had no doubles. I thought that I might have a good shot at finishing this set. Getting very few White Sox cards in the box probably helped in making that decision. I don't care how it happened, but I'm truly having fun.

Plus, a big thank you to everyone who has helped in getting me closer to completion. You know who you are, so I won't rehash things in this post.

While my master set is coming together nicely, my White Sox team set is nearing completion at the speed of Bill Slowsky. That's fine by me, if it gets the regular set completed faster.


Slette said...

Bought a blaster the other day, pulled about 10 more you need. Also headed to Iowa this weekend, so I should have some stuff to mail this coming week.

I think James from Tulo Trader has a bunch of Heritage doubles too...

Steve Gierman said...

Wow, you don't have to go to all that trouble, but it is very appreciated that you do!

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