Saturday, August 16, 2008

White Sox Photoshop Cards: Nick Swisher

Card #4 - Nick Swisher

Nick has brought his unique, contagious energy to the White Sox clubhouse. It has paid off with a resurgence of the team in 2008.

Swisher was brought in to fill holes in the outfield and fill in at first base. The unconventional move has paid off. Nick has excelled in his defense in both the outfield and at first base.

While his average is down in 2008, Nick has a knack for hitting at the right time. He injects his fun attitude to everything he does on and off the field.

I chose this photo of Nick to demonstrate his willingness to do anything to fire his team up or support a worthy cause. He was getting his facial hair dyed pink for breast cancer awareness. Candid moments like this are very hard to find on cardboard lately.

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