Monday, August 25, 2008

White Sox Photoshop Cards: Ehren Wassermann

Card #13 - Ehren Wassermann

Even though, Ehren hasn't been with the team much this year, he is a tough pitcher to send down. With Ehren's funky delivery, he keeps opposing hitters off balance.

A submariner pitcher is always a good thing to have in your bullpen. It gives the hitters a multitude of different angles to run inside their heads. While they are thinking about what angle and what pitch Ehren is going to throw next, batters tend to overthink and get themselves out. Wassermann has impressed the coaching staff since day one.

I really love the long and lanky look of Ehren in this photo. It doesn't show how low Ehren can get while pitching, but it shows the extension of his pitching arm. Sometimes that's even more rattling to a batter than high heat.

I also like the fact that Ehren is so long in his delivery style that he doesn't completely fit in frame. I could have made this card in a landscape setting, instead of portrait, but I found it fascinating that Ehren looks like he's almost jumping into the photo. I can't even imagine what must be going through a hitter's mind when he sees Ehren throwing the ball in his direction.

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