Friday, August 15, 2008

Card Spotlight: 8-15-08

1970 Topps Super #3 - Luis Aparicio

This is one of the highlights of a package from Mark at Stats On The Back. A beat up, "loved" garage sale find. I love the powder blue uniforms that the Sox sported back then. Well... there not my absolute favorite, but they rank up there in the oddities of White Sox uniform history. The collared uniforms with shorts will always be the oddest.

This card is huge! I can see why it was put through the wringer. It's thick, too! I stacked up four regular issue 2008 cards against this bad boy. It took four to just about equal the thickness of a Topps Super card.

The card has weird rounded edges. It almost reminds me of am oddly shaped drink coaster. To top it off, the card is slightly miscut. This is an amazing example of an awesome, loved card.

Thanks, Mark! You've saved this week's Card Spotlight from being boring!

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