Thursday, August 21, 2008

White Sox Photoshop Cards: Matt Thornton

Card #9 - Matt Thornton

Matt is one of those players that makes your bullpen outstanding. He's not flashy, but he has nasty stuff when he's "on". The Sox have seen flashes of brilliance from Thornton is his stay with the team. Each year those flashes remain for a longer period of time.

Matt was coveted by GM Kenny Williams for his flashes of brilliance. Since being with the Sox, Matt has been able to hone that talent into something special.

I really wanted to stay away from another pitcher pitching, so I chose this photo of Matt getting a high five from A.J. Pierzynski. I cropped A.J. out of the picture to put the focus squarely on Matt.

Thornton doesn't have any particularly distinguishing features, so I made sure that his uniform number was very visible. I did that to make sure that this card wasn't just some anonymous reliever.


Scott said...


Steve Gierman said...

He doesn't even begin to fill that number with the command of the mound as Bobby did.

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