Wednesday, August 27, 2008

I won? Thanks dayf!

Recently, there was a contest at 88 Topps Cards that dayf won. He only wanted part of the fabulous prize package, so he left the cards. While, I was sure that I had the majority of the cards offered, I loved the challenge of fielding a team of one name.

So, I accepted the offer of the contest and searched to field my team. After a few searches that left me a few players short, I hit upon the right name for my team.


I was surprised at how many really good players I was able to find. It never even dawned on me just how many Dave's were in baseball, at different positions, on 1988 Topps cards. Had the entire 792 cards been up, I probably would have been able to field a few different teams, but the parameters of the contest limited us to work with only what had been posted.

Here is my team of Daves.

Starting pitcher = Dave Stewart
Relief pitcher = Dave Cone
Closer = Dave Smith
C = Dave Valle
1B = Dave Bergman
2B = Dave Concepcion
3B = Dave Magadan
SS = Dave Anderson
OF = Dave Henderson
OF = Dave Winfield
OF = Dave Parker

And as an uncredited bonus:
MGR = Dave Johnson

Andy puts on some of the most imaginative contests. By winning with a team of Daves, it gives me a chance to post this!


dayf said...

No prob. I have all the late '80s cards I can handle right now. It was all worth it for some KITH.

Andy said...

How ironic that you won with the name "dayf".

And BTW that video is scary. That guy's pants are way too tight.

Steve Gierman said...

I think it's the walk and the slight head bobbing that's even scarier on Bruce. It was the late eighties/early nineties in Canada.

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