Saturday, August 23, 2008

White Sox Photoshop Cards: Joe Crede All-Star

Card #11 - Joe Crede All-Star

After many years of superb defensive plays and clutch hitting, Joe was rewarded with his first trip to the All-Star game in 2008. In 2007, it looked as if Crede was finished after a back injury forced him to end his season early.

Joe amazed everyone by coming back strong in 2008. Unfortunately, shortly after the All-Star game, Crede headed back to the disabled list. Hopefully, there will be many more All-Star games in Joe's future.

I decided to jazz it up for the two All-Star cards. I changed the colors to gold and white to distinguish these cards from the rest of the team.

While the Photoshop filters resulting in a painted effect remain, I decided to cut the player out from the rest of the picture and incorporate a solid background using a lighter shade of the border.

It's distinctly different from the regular cards, while holding true to the design. It also makes the player pop out a bit more. Plus, it was fun to divert away from the regular players cards, if only for two cards.

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