Sunday, August 10, 2008

Over And Out

Fresh from the DL, for completely unrelated issues, Jose Contreras ran into bad luck covering first base. He injured his Achilles. Ouch!

You could see Jose grimacing in extreme pain, after the slip. Jose is not normally one to show any type of pain on the field. This was definitely the exception.

Contreras will be out for at least the season. This might be a career ending injury, considering his age and the type of injury. We shall see next season.

I know the White Sox were counting on him for the home stretch. The small tragedy of it all, is that Jose was starting strong in this outing.

I hope Contreras can at least heal enough to live a pain-free life. The best teams keep their momentum going even after devastating losses. Hopefully, this will be the gameplan for the Sox the rest of the way.

Get well soon, Jose!

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