Sunday, August 17, 2008

White Sox Photoshop Cards: Bobby Jenks

Card #5 - Bobby Jenks

After being a World Series hero in his rookie season, Bobby has settled into a demanding closer role with ease. In 2008, Jenks has continued his dominance of the American League.

While Jenks save total is down this year, it hasn't been because he is losing his touch. The White Sox have led the majors in home runs for much of the year, so Bobby hasn't had as many opportunities to save a game.

I chose this photo of Bobby celebrating because it shows the raw emotion that he carries after each save. It's not showing the other team up. It's subtle enough not to catch the ire of the opposition. You can tell that it's hard for Bobby to contain his enthusiasm after a job well done.


Dirty 30 said...

Hey man, glad to see a White Sox fan here. Anyways since my blog is mainly White Sox, with most likely other baseball news and just some personal life, maybe you can check it out.

Dirty 30 said...

Yea, do you know of his groundball and flyball percentages? Anyways, how do you make a banner like that and put it at the top of your blog?

Also, I went to the White Sox game this past Wednesday and got Gordon Beckham's autograph, won Paul Konerko's autograpehd bat at the auction place, and also got a pregame baseball from Ron Mahay of the Royals. was a lot of fun.

Andy said...

I can't get over Bobby Jenks calling Matt Sosnick "Dirty Jew". That kind of stuff really bothers me.

Steve Gierman said...

Andy, that one I completely missed when it came out. It sounds like that was said during his heavy drinking days, but that's still no excuse.

Steve Gierman said...

Dirty 30, I remember Kenny Williams mentioning the percentages each time there was a transaction involving Gio.

I made the banner in Photoshop. Figure out what size you want the image to be. Then coppy & paste different photos on a blank new image. Add text and flatten the image and you should have something that looks decent.

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