Friday, August 29, 2008

White Sox Photoshop Cards: Adam Russell

Card #17 - Adam Russell

Adam was called up in 2008 to help out the pitching staff and nestled into a nice spot. Adam can work long relief and can be used as a spot starter, if needed.

The White Sox have a knack of coming up with great pitching. Adam is no exception. Adam replaced the injured Esteban Loaiza on the roster and earned his first win, on July 1st, in relief in the tenth inning. He came in the very next day in relief and earned his second big league win.

I chose this photo of Adam because he looks like a 45 spindle adapter with his arms in those positions. It's as simple as that. It also gives off a nice balance for his 6' 8" frame.

If I have to explain what a 45 spindle adapter is, then you are too young. Although, they seem to be coming back in vogue. If you are curious and don't know what it is, study any US CD single from Pearl Jam's Vitalogy album. In case anyone is trying to figure out which songs were released as singles, only three made the cut. They are not the ones that you would expect. "Spin The Black Circle", "Not For You" and "Immortality" were the singles off Vitalogy. "Better Man" and "Corduroy" were not released as singles.

There you go, an Adam Russell card and a lesson in mid-nineties Pearl Jam singles. It's a two-fer!

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