Friday, August 22, 2008

The Best Of July

The Best Of page has been updated to include July 2008. I also fixed the coding error that allowed the last few months of posts to go nowhere. Always, always, ALWAYS be closing (tags). I forget one slash mark, then copy/paste and all hell breaks loose. Rest assured, they have all been fixed.

Yes, the Carl Everett quotes made the best of July 2008. Plus, I just wanted another excuse to post this picture. At the very beginning of the post when I ad-libbed Carl Everett yelling at a dinosaur, did anyone have comedian Tracy Morgan's voice in there? I sure did after I wrote it. I kept thinking of the Brian Fellow "angry at an animal" voice.

Along with general site maintenance, I have slowly been updating the want list pages. Every time that I receive cards, I take them off the list. I am still working on the missing years.

To answer some questions that I have been getting about the White Sox Photoshop card set, there is no numbering system. I'm trying to keep a good mix of stars, rookies and common players. I'm also trying not to have a bunch of players at the same position in a row. Other than that, it's pretty random. No "hero" numbers.

Yes, the color scheme is based off of the team colors. And yes, if I am asked nicely enough, I would be willing to do card requests for your favorite player(s) or team. Keep in mind, that if a request is accepted, there will be no timetable. First come, first served and it would be done in my spare time. Hence, no timetable.

This weekend will feature the White Sox All-Star cards in the virtual set. They will look similar, yet different.

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