Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Random Card #31

This is one of the cards from the latest package from Dinged Corners. This card really made me smile. It is my first card of Kurt Brown. It's been a long time coming. Let me tell you, I've been wanting one in the worst way.

If you don't know who Kurt Brown is, I wrote about him in the early days of this blog. He was the fifth pick in the June 1985 draft. Kurt was picked, by the White Sox, one pick before Barry Bonds.

Kurt never made the majors. In hindsight, I would have called him up and sent Ron Karkovice down. Karkovice never hit well and his defensive abilities were more reputation than reality.

Of course we all know what happened to the sixth pick in the June 1985 draft. He ::cough, cough:: became the Major League career home run champion.

I can remember Kurt always being considered for getting the call up, but it always seemed like he was always beat out by a flash in the pan type player that the White Sox were impressed with in the late eighties and early nineties.

Kurt may have gotten the short end of the stick, but he still has some baseball cards to show for it. I'm starting to get a little soft spot for these Star company cards. I used to avoid these cards like the plague. Now I'm finding that they really have some interesting subjects on these quiet little cards.

The design is minimal, but very eighties. I'm not sure how many card Kurt actually has, but I think I could obtain his entire catalogue with minimal cost to me. That's not necessarily a bad thing. It just shows how much the card companies have changed.

Now, the card companies charge to get the high draft picks on as many cards as possible. Then they parallel the hell out of them. Back then, you were really lucky if a minor league player got his own "major label" card. To my knowledge, Kurt never got the major label card. Only Minor League cards.

I don't know. I think there's something comforting in this card. It's not every card that looks like it was taken at my local park. I could have been sitting on the folding chair behind the batting cage, the day before.

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