Friday, August 8, 2008

Cards From John, Cards From Eric

A lot of unexpected packages have been appearing in my mailbox this week. So far, one a day. On Wednesday, technically on Thursday morning at 7:30, I received John's package of cards. I assume it went to a neighbor first, who dropped it off at the mailbox early Thursday morning.

I always love getting cards from John. As soon as I see the UK postage on the envelope, I know I'm in for a treat.

1989 Fleer - Mike Woodard
1995 Upper Deck - Ozzie Guillen
1997 Collector's Choice - Wilson Alvarez
1997 Topps - Ozzie Guillen
1999 Skybox Premium - Ray Durham
1999 Skybox Premium - Mike Caruso
1999 Skybox Premium - David Lundquist
1999 Skybox Premium - Chris Singleton
1999 Skybox Premium - Carlos Lee
1999 Skybox Thunder - Paul Konerko
1999 UD Black Diamond - Albert Belle
1999 UD Ionix - Albert Belle
2000 UD Black Diamond - Magglio Ordonez
2001 UD Decades - Jim Kaat
2001 UD Decades - Wilbur Wood
2002 Fleer Tradition - Todd Ritchie
2002 Topps Opening Day - Frank Thomas
2005 Donruss Elite - Scott Podsednik
2005 Donruss Elite - Jermaine Dye
2005 Leather & Lumber - Jermaine Dye
2005 UD Classics - Al Lopez
2005 UD Pro Sigs - Casey Rogowski
2005 UD Pro Sigs - Pedro Lopez
2005 Zenith - Scott Podsednik
2005 Zenith - Jermaine Dye
2008 Topps Heritage - Jim Thome
2008 Topps Heritage Black Back - Javier Vazquez

There's quite a few gems in there. Like I said, receiving a package from the UK is always full of surprises!

On Thursday, I received another package from Eric. Another one that I was not expecting. I had already gotten two previous packages from him. I am waiting until he gets settled at his new address before sending off cards for him.

2008 Bowman - Lance Broadway
2008 Topps - John Danks (2)
2008 Topps - Joe Crede
2008 Upper Deck - Jon Garland
2008 Upper Deck - Jim Thome
2008 Allen & Ginter - Ohio Flag (Nick Swisher)

Plus, another huge stack of 2008 Topps Heritage cards! I swear, Eric is going to complete my set single-handedly if he keeps up packages like this one!

Thank you, John! Thank you, Eric! The cards from both of you are awesome!

I received a package on Friday as well, but that will have to wait for another post.

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