Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Is It Love Or Coincidence?

Is it merely a coincidence that umpire Doug Eddings has been the officiator in two different controversial plays involving A.J. Pierzynski? Perhaps it could be love?

Of course, Doug Eddings achieved fame by being the home plate umpire when A.J. ran to first, after a dropped third strike (or whatever you like to call it), in the 2005 ALCS.

This past Sunday, in the last game of a series against the Tampa Bay Rays, A.J. got caught in a rundown between second and third base. A.J. appeared to have initiated contact between himself and a Tampa Bay player who didn't have possession of the ball during contact.

No matter what you think of A.J. Pierzynski, he knows the rule book inside and out. Enough to where he can exploit it for his own benefits.

That "heads up" play by A.J., led to the White Sox win of that game. Say what you will, but A.J. has proven himself as a team player, who will do everything in his power to get his team to win by following the rules. People may not like it, but you have to have a little respect for someone who plays by the rules set forth in the rule book.

As for the 2005 ALCS play, that may very well be debated until the end of time. I've seen the video a thousand times and I still can't tell conclusively if that ball bounced in the dirt or not. A.J. knew enough to run to first, when he didn't hear a call. Now, he and Doug Eddings will forever be linked by two plays. Will the love fest continue? Only time will tell.


dayf said...

Nate Silver of Baseball Prospectus just called AJ "The Forrest Gump of baseball" in a chat for his ability to end up in the middle of so many goofy plays. I thought that was pretty funny...

Steve Gierman said...

Yeah, I read that earlier today. I agree, it was pretty funny. Nate's exactly right. I knew that reminded me of something, but I didn't get the "a-ha" moment until I read that. :)

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