Wednesday, August 27, 2008

White Sox Photoshop Cards: Jim Thome

Card #15 - Jim Thome

One of the premier sluggers of the American League hit 500 home runs in 2007, and shows no signs of slowing down. Jim could still play the field, but there's no need to with Paul Konerko and Nick Swisher filling in at first base. The White Sox want him to devote his game to hitting.

Jim has rewarded the White Sox with towering home runs and magical moments as he finds new ways to beat the "Thome Shift", where infielders move dramatically towards first base. This is supposed to insure that there will be an out if Thome hits the ball towards right or center field. Thome usually gets the last laugh by hitting the ball into left field.

I've always loved Jim Thome's swing, ever since his Cleveland days. I chose this photo (which also shows up on my blog banner and my eBay store banner) because this embodies Jim Thome. I love the crowd reaction. Everyone is looking in the same direction as Thome, but they haven't jumped out of their seats yet. It is the perfect moment before the fireworks go off.


capewood said...

Thome was always one of my favorite players and I loved it when he was with the Phillies (except he spent too much of that time injured). He'll be tough to watch when the Phillies and White Sox meet in the World Series this year (possible wishful thinking).

Steve Gierman said...

I'd love to see that World Series!

The Phillies need to figure out a way past the Cubs first (possible wishful thinking).

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