Saturday, August 23, 2008

August 18 - 20, 2008: Mariners @ White Sox

August 18 - 20, 2008 - Chicago, Illinois

August 18: Mariners 5 - White Sox 13
August 19: Mariners 0 - White Sox 5
August 20: Mariners 3 - White Sox 15

Clobberin' time!

Did you ever run into a team that was very down on their luck? The Mariners certainly qualify for that position. While they can still win, the Mariners are in a transitional phase right now. They are still dangerous as long as they continue to put Ichiro Suzuki in the lineup everyday.

Ichiro had no problem getting on base. It was the other Mariner players that seemed to have fits throughout the series. Even King Felix was no match for the mighty White Sox bats.

The good:
Over the three game series, the Sox outscored the Mariners 33-8.

Ken Griffey Jr. finally hit his first home run for the Sox in game 3.

The bad:
Mark Buehrle gave up 11 hits in game 1.

Jermaine Dye ground into two double plays in game 2.

The ugly:
Two throwing errors by Clayton Richard in game 2.

DeWayne Wise injured himself during a running catch in the outfield.

The Mariners were simply no match for the White Sox in this series. Most things seemed to go the White Sox way all series long. The only thing that really didn't was DeWayne Wise's injury. That could be devastating if it turns out to be a nagging injury.

For a star athlete, Clayton Richard really should be able to field the ball and throw to first base without throwing the ball away.

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