Tuesday, August 12, 2008

August 8-11, 2008: Red Sox @ White Sox

August 8-11, 2008 - Chicago, Illinois

August 8: Red Sox 3 - White Sox 5
August 9: Red Sox 6 - White Sox 2
August 10: Red Sox 5 - White Sox 6
August 11: Red Sox 5 - White Sox 1


Mark Buehrle was simply awesome in game one. He needed to rebound from a series of so-so outings. He came back in a big way. The most disturbing trend seems to be the Sox relying on the home run more and more. That's fine to use that as a weapon, but it shouldn't be a crutch. The late nineties Sox teams used the home run as their only tool and you can see how well that worked out.

The good:
Mark Buehrle's outstanding performance in game 1.

The Sox continue to be homer happy.

The bad:
Two errors in game 3.

The Sox have an all or nothing approach to offense lately.

The ugly:
Jose Contreras' ruptured Achilles tendon in game 2.

John Danks lost his no-hitter and the game with a few poorly placed pitches in game 4.

The biggest disappointment was seeing Jose Contreras rupture his Achilles tendon in game two. It happened while Jose was covering first base. While DJ Carrasco was an awesome replacement from the bullpen, it's a bit sad to see Jose out for the season with a possible career ending injury. Jose seemed to have his decent stuff in his outing. This comes as a big blow to the Sox staff.

At least the White Sox were able to split the series with Boston.

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