Friday, August 22, 2008

White Sox Photoshop Cards: Ozzie Guillen

Card #10 - Ozzie Guillen

Ozzie did the impossible in 2005, when he shaped a team in his own image to win the first World Championship for the White Sox in 88 years. Since then, the team has been up and down, but the Sox skipper keeps upbeat.

Ozzie tries to keep his team loose and will take any heat directed towards his players to keep the focus on winning. It doesn't always work, but it's showcasing the type of relationship Guillen has with his players.

This is a rare moment for Ozzie Guillen. I chose this photo because it looks like Ozzie is having a blast. He rarely celebrates with the team after a win, but a bottom of the ninth win is the cause for the celebration.

I think this shows that Ozzie isn't that far removed from his playing days and above everything else, he just wants to enjoy the game.


deal said...

I have a couple of questions regarding these White Sox cards. 1) Do the card numbers have any significance. Is Ozzie Guillen at #10 a hero number? and 2) Is the black border a White Sox color theme or would that be the border for all teams if you were to make cards up for other squads (like 07 topps).

Steve Gierman said...

No, the numbers aren't hero numbers. If Ozzie were to have a hero number it would have been 13. Basically, I'm trying not to lump together players at the same position. That's a little harder to do with pitchers. I'm also trying not to have a bunch of star players lumped together as well. The card numbers are in whatever order the images are put together.

The black border is a team color theme. The only variation I plan is for the All-Star cards, which are actually scheduled for this weekend.

I planned to only do the White Sox, but I could be persuaded to do others for people, if they ask nicely. Those would involve team colors as well.

I was a little tired of seeing players play a game or two for the Sox and never having a card available, so I chose to make my own virtual set including every player who played a game in 2008.

I'm sure I'll be scrambling when the September call-ups are put in.

Feel free to ask any other questions you may have about the virtual card set.

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