Tuesday, March 18, 2008

3-18-08: Padres 5 - Sox 0

It looks like one of the regular lineups was in place for the majority of the game today. The results were less than spectacular. No runs. No errors. 8 hits.

John Danks did not help his cause with 4 earned runs, but the 7 strikouts were impressive. Ehren Wassermann may have pitched himself out of long man contention by giving up the earned run. He didn't do poorly, just not well enough. Tomo Ohka, on the other hand, may have shoehorned his way into the competition with two scoreless innings.

The hits were there, but the Sox couldn't seem to bunch them together. Only four out of the 10 different batters went hitless.

The good:
Joe Crede went 2 for 4 raising his average to .135.

Juan Uribe continues to surprise people this spring.

The bad:
The Sox ground into 5 double plays.

Owens and Thome both struck out twice.

The ugly:
The Sox had 21 opportunities to move the runner along that failed miserably.

The Sox had 5 players in the starting lineup with an average of .238 or worse.

The Sox are giving the fans fits this spring. Either everything goes their way or nothing does. There has to be a middle ground that pops up soon. The good thing is that the hits are coming. The bad thing is they come alone. The Sox definitely needs to work on moving the runner along.

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